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Camping is always a fun adventure to take and Costa Rica, being a natural treasure, has plenty of incredible camping spots in beaches and forests areas: the smell of fresh wilderness in the morning revitalizes the spirit and the sound of birds and small forest animal greeting you set up a great ambiance to start any adventurous day. We have acknowledge some of the frequently doubts of campers in Costa Rica and the following are simple tips for you to enjoy your trip to Costa Rica. Camping is definitely an interesting and different way to enjoy this precious natural Sanctuary.

* Always make sure you carry your documentation, maybe in your money belt where you can always reach for it. Some camping areas will ask you for it for precaution and to reach you in case of a misshapen.
* Remember that even though Costa Rica has well trained guides and the camping areas are monitored by park rangers or administrators, you are the master of your camp and it is your responsibility to take care of your goods and yourself, always be alert for animals, bugs and do not eat fruits or plants you are not familiar with and keep you camping area clean at all times to avoid ants, or animals stealing your food or breaking your things.
* Try not to carry items of high value, you might not be able to take good care of them and it will be a shame if they get wet, stolen or broken, anyways camping is about getting back to your nature roots, no need for high tech appliances when you are enjoying nature.
* Although water in Costa Rica is clean and perfectly drinkable, it is better if you carry your own bottled water, just for prevention. Carry small flashlight when camping, Costa Rica’s camp areas might get a bit too dark at night and a regular camper knows flashlights are always a must have while getting in touch with nature.
* Comfortable walking shoes and sandals in case you are camping on the beach. Hiking shoes are great choice if you are camping on the mountains. If you are planning on buying the needed shoes here, be aware that Ticos are not tall people, therefore the variety in shoe sizes is very limited, size 11 shoes for example, are definitely hard to find.
* If you are planning on washing clothes in Costa Rica, know that mostly hotels are the ones who provide this service; there are hardly any Laundromats in the country. Your best bet is to take advantage of the laundry service while staying in a hotel than doing it while camping or looking for a place to wash your clothes is going to be your hardest adventure.
* These are clothing items that are useful: T-shirts (short and long sleeve), a couple of dressy tops, shorts, long and short skirts (comfortable, not fancy), swim suits and beach cover ups, a couple of jeans, cargo pants are the best choice to explore the rainforest, underwear, socks, a sweater for random low temperatures in some areas, a hat or cap and a small first aid kit. With these items you are definitely set to have an amazing time either you are camping, going out, looking for adventure or just relaxing.


Some miscellaneous items that might come in handy while you camp are carry disposable razors, a toothbrush and toothpaste are totally necessary as well as your own toilet paper; shampoo, conditioner, your deodorant and your own set of towels, cheap hotels (for less than $25 might no provide towels nor blankets, check with our travel advisors about this issue if you have decide to go this way about lodging after your camping adventure. A camera is definitely needed at all times, part of the beauty of Costa Rica focuses in the extremely amazing sights, flora and fauna available, there will be plenty of moments you don’t want to miss, carry ziplock bags with you in case of high rains to prevent your equipment to be ruined. Film is expensive in Costa Rica, if you don’t own a digital camera, we advice you bring your own film from home. While camping easy to cook food is the best bet, and a little gas stoves are available everywhere in san jose and in most camping areas and beaches, o you shouldn’t worry about cooking, bring waterproof matches with you as well.

If you need more guidance or information about Costa Rica, camping, rainforests or any other traveling matter, our expert travel advisors are willing to share their knowledge with you, please contact them and have an amazing camping trip while exploring Costa Rica.

Alto quepos costa rica quepos real estate for sale near manuel antonio national park - buy farms land and lots properties just 12 miles from the ocean,best beaches and hotels.



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