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Discover the Alto Quepos Treasure

If you enjoy camping amidst glorious scenery with peace and tranquillity and an abundance of wildlife, then the spots suggested by Alto Quepos Real Estate are the perfect camping sites for you, your family and friends to holiday at. This four-star touring park is ideally located for exploring the forest and mountains around Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park. - it's beautiful sunrise, the rugged Alto Quepos Mountains, it's unique small villages and the world-renowned wildlife living in its natural habitat.

Alto Quepos has so much to offer for families and couples of all ages, whether it be just a short break or a main holiday exploring the Quepos Highlands at it's best.


Alto Quepos Forests Attractions

The Quepos Mountains and  Plains as seen at 6 a.m.  in Mid August

Jurassic Park Gardens -- The Alto Quepos Forests has been compared by many visitors to some scenes of the Jurassic Park Trilogy movies, specially the scenes where pterodactyls - the extinct flying reptiles, chase the actors by the river banks in the mist. As a visitor pointed out, this "Jurassic Park-like retreat encourage you to imagine the rampaging raptors and voracious T-rexes and the isolated humans running for their lives."

Visitors have to only wait for the afternoon mist, hear the rain forest sounds and the howler monkeys in the distance, look up the montains ridgelines and hear the river flow down to the plains to be trasported to another world: the Jurassic Park world, only that Alto Quepos is Real and not out of a movie set in Hollywood.

Exploring the Alto Quepos Forests Area in Costa Rica

Alto Quepos is a unique area with lots of back country roads and trails. Most visitors come primarily to sit by the rivers on one of the trails and check out the howler monkeys and Tepezcuintles, which sometimes seem as common as tourists. A guide is not essential here, but unless you're experienced in rainforest hiking, you'll see and learn a lot more with one. If you decide to explore the area on your own, a basic map is available at our Alto Quepos real Estate offices Call us today at e-mail us at -

Entry Point, Fees & Regulations -- The Alto Quepos regional forests is open to anybody who want to visit year-round. You'll find the principal entrance at El Pito Mountain Pass and the other is in the Quepos lowland either in Santa Juana or Esquipulas Naranjillo at the other end of the mountain pass. To reach the low section, you must cross the Naranjillo River that's little more than ankle-deep in dry season but can be knee- or even waist-deep at the raining season. For years there has been talk of building a bridge over this stream; in the meantime you'll either have to wade it, or pay a boatman a buck or two for the very quick crossing. Just over the river, you'll find the steep mountain terrain covered with thick forest. . At our real estate office you can pick up the small map of the area. You can also enter the Alto Quepos Cloud Forest at a highland entrance located at the ridgeline of the mountain, just beyond El Pito Mountain Pass. Whichever entrance you choose, The Alto Quepos Real Estate suggest to arrive early, you won't get the most if you arrive in mid-afternoon during the high season. Camping is allowed.

The Hiking Trails -- From either El Pito Mountain Pass or Upper Naranjillo Valley, you can take a circular hike up and down the Concepcion and Quebrada Blanca creeks and, if you want, you can cross the Naranjillo River and hike up to the ridgeline where a small cabin is located. The terrain is very steep so this Definitely NOT for the faint of heart. The farthest point on this hike, which takes about 120 minutes round-trip, is Punta San Joaquin. where the view is spectacular. The trail is very steep in places, so anybody in average shape cannot do it. You definitely might want to wear good hiking shoes. This is a good place to spot monkeys, though you're more likely to see a Tepezcuintle than a Howler monkey.

Another good place to see monkeys is the trail inland to the Los Santos Forest Reserve, up in the Talamanca mountain range. This is a not a linear trail, and mostly uphill. It's great to spend hours exploring the steamy jungle and then take a refreshing dip in the river pools.

Finally, there's a trail that leads first to Concepcion and down to the hidden Valley of Naranjillo, where there are some caves. Be careful when hiking beyond Naranjillo and up the Naranjo River where it joins to the Naranjillo River. The place is way too remote and hostile. Don't get lost or trapped among the steep gorges.

Night in the forest. Feel the thrill of being surrounded by unknown tropical beasts! If you dare to try.

Very early morning Bird Watching Mountain trek. Thousands of birds come alive in the forested gorges by the Naranjillo River. Also, you will enjoy the spectacular sunrise when the sun slowly covers the blue mountains in the distance.

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