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Updated June 13, 2017

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Welcome to Alto Quepos Costa Rica Real Estate website

The Quepos costa rica coastal mountain range is the most untamed region of Costa Rica. Here near the costa rica quepos pristine beaches, development is starting to appear between highway 226 in the quepos highlands and the costanera highway 34 near puerto quepos. Quepos house rentals and hotels can be seen already along highway 34 and along the paved road between quepos and manuel antonio national park. What 15 years ago was a sleepy banana plantation town hit by economic disaster, quepos now is a magnet to huge investments in marinas, luxury hotels, condo developments and government projects. Quepos, costa rica, thus is the place to be right now in the red hot real estate market of this Central American paradise. Hotel flight packages to quepos are abundant and is a sign of how explosive the popularity of this beach paradise. Inexpensive quepos lodging and quepos real estate has become more scarce these days. Alto quepos property location services is here to help you with the miriad of options available in Costa Rica and provide you with sound advise on where to put your money.
Quepos hotels are being built at a fast pace and the quepos costa rica weather, which is perfect year round, only help attract more people and investors to the area.
Hotels in quepos costa rica in fact are among the most expensive and recognized among the hospitality industry experts. Weather forecast and development for quepos today is very optimistic and can be seen in the number of job openings in this pristine costa rica region.
Lots of services are sprawling and places for camping in quepos are being built. Also transportation in quepos to and from the local la managua airport or San Jose airport or liberia airport is constant.

Expatriates numbers in quepos are exploding due mostly to word of mouth and heavy advertising and obviously the increasingly high numbers of retiring baby boomers. Additionally, surfing quepos is taking off, vacation packages to quepos are getting more affordable and the real estate quepos market is red hot. Romantic hotels in quepos costa rica also specializes in weddings and the nearby manuel antonio quepos national park is a magnet to native costa ricans and foreigners alike.
Puerto quepos costa rica has become in recent years the mecca to beach combers and nature lovers. Quepos cr real estate agents have profited with the abundant wildlife such as monkeys, whales, jaguars and the shy Quetzal.
Quepos costa rica has transformed from a fishing village abandoned by Banana corporations to a sprawling complex of hotels and villas only seen in the California gold coast.
Here in the Alto Quepos Real Estate page we provide weather updates for the quepos costa rica and news that matters to both local residents and the soon to visit investors or hotels customers that take advantage of quepos and the costa rica paradise.
We provide a map of the quepos costa rica region for your quick reference in case you want to drive from San Jose or any airport to quepos. Quepos accommodations links are provider or you can contact us if you have any special requirements.
Charter fishing boats quepos have always been in business in this sail fishing paradise, you will find in the web lots of references and pictures about this sports activity. Fishing travel tips for quepos costa rica can be found anywhere and most talk highly of the experience. Fishing is part of why the quepos costa rica real estate market is so hot and renting a a room and boat is the basic package offered here. Quepos lodging industry was born thanks to fishing sports industry actually and if you walk around town in the quepos night life you will run into fishing fanatics most likely. Little hostels in quepos in downtown quepos are always full of fishing patrons, hostels like these are the main income source for the population in quepos cr and things to do in and around puerto quepos costa rica are mostly related to fishing trips.

The temperature in puerto quepos costa rica fahrenheit are summarized as follow:

costa rica weather forecast quepos:
Climatological Information for Quepos fahrenheit
Month Mean Temperature oF Mean Total Precipitation (mm) Mean Number of Precipitation Days
Jan 71.6 88.3 45.9 7.2
Feb 71.6 89.6 25.8 4.2
Mar 72.7 90.3 40.0 5.4
Apr 74.3 90.0 156.9 12.4
May 73.9 88.5 389.0 22.9
Jun 73.6 87.4 413.3 23.6
Jul 73.0 86.9 444.9 25.7
Aug 72.9 86.7 468.7 26.4
Sep 72.7 86.5 544.3 26.5
Oct 72.7 86.0 533.5 26.7
Nov 72.7 85.6 349.0 23.2
Dec 72.1 87.1 159.7 15.2

Puerto quepos bed and breakfast are also a good option, locals call them "cabinas" so when you visit with a tight budget, you just ask for "cabinas".
Quepos Christian churches are abundant also and can be seen mixed with quepos costa rica hotels in the horizon. Quepos is a resort region where hotel signs are everywhere or the ordinary signs in spanish that reads "casas de alquiler en manuel antonio quepos" which is a
cheap hotel option in the costa rica tourism industry.
Quepos fishing charters in this town in central costa rica are mostly stationed in punta quepos, just a mile away from downtown and near the now under construction Marina Pez Vela which will feature a luxury hotels and the only yacht repair yard in quepos region. Actually there is a place near that place where you can camp.

Employment listings in quepos costa rica are limited in the low season, also called "green season". Places like villa teca or jungle house or la sirena hotel quepos are popular destinations.
Rock climbing near quepos costa rica is a new activity available now in this region thanks to the newly improve highland road to San Marcos de Tarrazu, where high mountains and rock formations can be easily found. Alto quepos campgrounds are also now available and lots of options promoted by the quepos costa rica chamber of commerce.
With this new road access, quepos costa rica resorts are now available to residents of the highland towns of Santa Maria, San Marcos and San Pablo in the Tarrazu coffee region.
This highland access highway will prove to be key in the development of this agricultural region since quepos flights from la managua airport are just an hour away. The quepos manuel antonio apartments and hostels are now filled with highland residents who just have to drive for an hour toward the lowlands, enjoy the beaches and head back to the highlands in the afternoon.

Highland residents are also happy because the quepos manuel antonio national park is available now year round. Rentals, quepos real estate and quepos taxi services are also benefiting from these newly improved highway.
Taxi service from quepos costa rica to San Marcos can cost about 50 usd dollars on average and now the discotecas in quepos are available to highlanders !
Cheap hotels in quepos,costa rica can be found like the best western, quepos tours, quepos golf, quepos budget lodgning and resorts will be featured in the Alto Quepos homepage. Please stay tuned for new updates !

Now I am going to talk about the Costa Rica Real Estate business in general.

Nowadays, even in the craigslist costa rica real estate website you will find people advertising properties for sale in Costa Rica in record numbers.
In fact, real estate costa rica industry is red hot. Ads can be seen en main websites featuring
costa rica real estate for sale targeting mostly the now retiring or soon to retire baby boomers. An example is the real estate market in the costa rica arenal volcano region. Even the least likely properties to be sold in the limon province are selling quickly.
Real estate for sale in costa rica is big business now, and despite the mortgage crisis in the USA, planeloads of investors are arriving everyday in the local international airports of Santamaria and Liberia. Cheap costa rica real estate is scarse now I am afraid and costa rica real estate listings are found everywhere in the internet and local shops.
Any website now features costa rica real estate for sale and lots of costa rica real estate investing options are availabe.

Alto Quepos specializes in costa rica land for sale and real estate in general. We are experts in locating the property of your dreams in the central pacific coast region of costa rica.
Costa rica beach real estate now are ridiculously expensive but still great deals can be found.However most investors have overlooked the highlands above the Quepos beaches and don't know about new infraestructure developments like highway construction, internet, power utilities and marinas. We are here to point the savvy investor toward the right direction and provide them with the best costa rica real estate listings and brokering services in the region. Our extensive network of relatives and childhood friends make us savvy in identifying the best lands and lots in both the highlands and lowlands.
We know everybody from Jaco to Uvita and everywhere in between making us the best costa rica real estate agents in the region. Contact us now for further information:

Alto Quepos is Costa Rica's most spectacular Touring & Camping region. A Mountain Cloud forest only a short distance from the world's famous Manuel Antonio Beaches, Alto Quepos offers high quality, friendly tours for real estate investors. Alto Quepos is dedicated to locate properties for those who want to enjoy being close to the forest in the Upper Naranjo River Basin or Manuel Antonio quepos national park. By bringing tourism and investors to the area, we are helping the local community to reach sustainable growth in harmony with the environment, for the benefit of both the upper and lower communities of the Naranjo River basin, including Quepos and its surroundings.

Situated in a peaceful town at the top of the Alto Quepos Mountains with convenient access to Downtown Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park we are in a position to offer breathtaking tours to real estate investors, plus the possibility to stay in our area within the tropical forest.

Alto Quepos Mountain Forests and pristine mountains are the best kept secret in the Costa Rican tourism and real estate industry and now is available for those seeking the perfect Costa Rica second home, land investment or vacations. First, planning the tour is of utmost importance, click here to go to the page. Also make sure to visit the Active real estate tours page, Exploring the Alto Quepos area page, Side Trips, Activities, Attractions, Accommodations, Dining -Food & Cultural Exploration and the much needed Maps Section. is a proud sponsor of the Quepos - Tarrazu Mountain Trail in South-western Costa Rica. Click here to learn details about this unique trail or here to see the Trail Map! Plan and book Alto Quepos real estate tours, bike rentals, house rentals, birding hikes and Alto Quepos lodges. Plus, you will find Alto Quepos photos, weather reports and everything else to help plan your Alto Quepos escape and investing tour.

This highland region of the Quepos ocean front is set amongst some of the loveliest scenery in the Quepos countryside and is open all year for visitors, bikers and hikers. Our Alto Quepos region is truly a step out of this world. We invite you all to visit us, anytime.

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